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Monthly Archives: February 2017


Using Your Faith to Help Deal with Depression

If you’ve ever had a friend or family member who was depressed or have been depressed yourself for any length of time, you know how debilitating it can be. Sad, moody, angry, anxious, isolated; I could go on and on with words that describe how miserable it is. The bottom line is: It’s not the [...]

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Drinking, Drugs, and Depression

My talking about alcohol and drugs here today is not as much about the addiction to those drugs as it is about the relationship they have with depression. One former client wrote in her journal: “Friday, Dennis told me I shouldn’t drink, because if I do, I might commit suicide. When I’m sober, I’m safer than when drunk. Now [...]

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The Three Masks Teens Wear

When I started thinking about writing “Behind the Mask”, I realized that there was certainly more than one kind of mask. Masks come in as many different forms as there are different people. We all come from different cultures. Even if the culture is the same, families live that culture in different ways, so every [...]

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